P2P – Peer to Peer – Point to Point

CyberData VoIP/SIP/IP Intercoms & IP Speakers feature a Point-to-Point architecture. Through the auto IP addressed web-page settings, you can select the device to not register with a SIP server. Simply leave the “register to SIP Server” un-ticked (see below). This is ideal for anyone not wanting to integrate the device to the VoIP Phone System.

Connect the IP Intercom to the nearest Ethernet port. This would be achieved with a single cat5e cable and POE connectivity. Next, connect a 2nd IP endpoint, (IP Phone, IP Intercom) to the network. Log into the easy to use web-page settings and pair each IP address together. This is without doubt an absolute breeze to install. There are no limitations on distance. The two devices must be sharing the same network. 

The below GUI example is of the CyberData 011186 None Keypad version. In a VoIP set up you input telephone extension number you want to reach. In a P2P set up, you simply type in the ip address of the IP Endpoint you want to call.

To get to this page: Plug the Intercom into a network point. Press the RTMF button on the device. The Intercom will now announce its IP address. Jot it down, type it into a web-page address bar. Log in with a User name and P/W. You are now faced with the easy to use/navigate configuration parameters.

image of a point to point intercom

Nothing more to buy and install 🙂

Regardless of which architecture you utilise (VoIP or P2P), the CyberData SIP & IP point to point Intercom requires NO PC, NO Operating System and NO running Software, in P2P mode you disable the SIP element making the installation a server-less (SIP Server/IP-PBX) one.