cisco VoIP door entry phone
On-board relay controlled from IP Phones
Approved by Cisco and others
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Cisco IP Door Intercom – Cisco VoIP + SIP Door Entry Phone – Cat5e + POE

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Cisco-certified VoIP door entry Phone. Registers to Cisco Call manager as an approved 3rd party SIP extension. If you can install a Cisco IP Phone, you can install a CyberData/Cisco-certified Door Phone/Intercom. The Intercom registers to Cisco Call Manager (from its IP address/web-page settings). Next you set the Intercom up as a new extension/user on the Cisco IP Telephony network. The On-board relay triggers doors, gates and barriers. This is controlled remotely from Cisco IP Phones (+ Mobiles) over the enterprise. Multiple options to operate the integrated relay: Telephone Dial Mode + Speed Dial Mode + Call Button + Security PIN Codes. High stocked item, usually ships for next day + None keypad version available (Single Call Button)

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Product Description

Cisco Door Entry Phone Doors/Gates/Barriers

The VoIP based Cisco door entry phone is built by CyberData Corporation (distributed by iEntry Systems). A leading USA based Manufacturer of VoIP Secure Entry devices. We are seeing more and more traditional analog vendors now bringing out SIP versions and SIP adapters. The problem with such systems is they need multiple parts and software to operate. CyberData is a true IP solution and a true VoIP solution. The CyberData Cisco door entry phone passed interoperability testing with Cisco many years ago. It has been deployed in 1000’s of Cisco secure entry applications around the world . For none Cisco applications, CyberData has multiple credentials for registering with multiple SIP servers

Set up of the Cisco Door Entry Phone:

Is really easy, its no different than installing an approved 3rd party IP Telephone to the network. The Cisco Intercom/door phone is auto ip addressed (once its plugged into the Ethernet network, with a single cat5e cable). You can press a button on the device and the Intercom will announce its own ip address over its speaker. This is also a quick and easy way to complete an audio test. Simply take a note of the ip address and type it into any web-brower/page on same network.

Once onto the web-page settings you would register the Cisco door entry phone to Cisco Call Manager. Through the network settings you would also configure the on-board relay and speaker volume etc. From the Cisco Call Manager end, you would add the VoIP Intercom as a new user on the Cisco IP Telephony platform. Next assign it an extension number. The door phone can now take and make calls.

Cisco Door + Barrier Phone Key Features

  • SIP compliant + registers to Cisco Call Manager
  • Cisco-compliant
  • Cisco-certified
  • 802.3af compliant
  • Supports SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) in a Cisco environment
  • SRST parameters are entered statically into the CyberData product’s internal webpage.
  • Goose neck mount option for Gates + Barriers
  • Simple set up
  • On-board relay
  • Cisco IP Phones trigger the relay
  • IP65 + Stainless Steel
  • Configurable audio filesNetwork configurable microphone input sensitivity adjustment
  • Adaptive full duplex voice operation
  • Network downloadable product firmware
  • Doubles as a paging speaker
  • Call button + Call activity indicator (light)
  • Perfect for Doors, Gates and Barriers
  • Deployed at door and site entry points
  • POE enabled
  • 1 Ethernet cable required for set up
  • Embedded DHCP + Plug and Play
  • Multiple credentials for registering with multiple SIP servers (35+ approved)
  • Nothing more to buy and install
  • None keypad version available (Single Push To Talk)

Cisco S.R.S.T is a call back up mechanism. CyberData is the only Intercom to offer Cisco SRST. Cisco have worked closely with CyberData and allowed this feature to be included within the system. Its optional to use, if you wanted to allow the Cisco door entry phone to form part of a SRST platform, you would simply put a tick in a box.

We also supply a range of indoor cisco-certified door phones. Options include with and without keypad.

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